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BSG Pharmaceuticals is a forward looking organization constantly in the pursuit of promising opportunities that have the potential to improve current healthcare struggles and solve emergent public health, equitable access to medicinal products and societal challenges.

Currently, we are looking for:

  • In-Licensing Portfolio Enhancement through In-Licenced Solutions

  • Technology Transfer Transfer of Innovative Technology

  • Strategic Partnerships Joint Ventures, R&D Partnerships & Manufacturing Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements Local & International Expansion of Operations through Distribution Agreements

Our team is always available to guide you through our products and services, as well as, discussing business opportunities with an overarching integrated approach and a result driven mindset.

We Offer

With our eyes set on the future, we offer our clients and partners a range of healthcare solutions and tailored high-value services according to your needs.

  • Internationalization & Growth Opportunities – Opening New Geographies, Market Segments and Strategic Business Growth

  • Innovative Healthcare Solutions Medicines, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Healthtech & Medtech

  • Product Development & Manufacturing Through Academic, R&D and Manufacturing Partnerships

  • Diversified & differentiated high-value services Clinical Operations & Medical Affairs, Regulatory, Legal & Pharmacovigilance, Integrated Insights & Market Analytics, Market Access & HEOR, Strategy & Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Outsourced Field Teams and Distribution, Warehouse & Logistics

Our key strategic partnerships represent a significant asset and allows us to face the future with determination, and with the belief that our clients will continue to trust our services.

Our Standing Partnerships

Partnering and collaboration is central to our success! We are passionate about advancing healthcare, identify the best innovations and delivering them to patients through mutually beneficial partnerships founded on trust, respect and transparency.

Schülke & Mayr
Schülke & MayrLeader in Infection Prevention & Control
InTec Corporation
InTec CorporationLeader in Infectious Disease Diagnostics
Swiss Energy
Swiss EnergyVitamins, Minerals & Supplements
FibronosticsLeader in In-Vitro Diagnostic Platforms
Técnico University of Lisbon: Education, Research & Innovation
Técnico University of Lisbon: Education, Research & Innovation
Zalika Farmaceutica:
Zalika Farmaceutica: Brazilian Market

Reimagining Healthcare through     Disease Prevention & Control


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