Project Description

Octenilin® Wound Gel

Octenidine-based wound gel for covering, moistening and cleansing of encrusted, contaminated and chronic wounds as well as burn wounds

The advantages

  • Octenidine-based Gel which inactivate pathogenic agents/microorganisms
  • Effectively moisturises and cleans wounds
  • Unique autolytic debridement mode of action – allows to free-up the fibrous and crusted wound coating, necrotized tissue and biofilm, even in severes cases
  • Helps loosen wound coatings
  • Can be used in any type of wound, including second & third degree burns
  • Creates an ideal moistened wound healing environment that support the natural healing process
  • Maintains the moist environment of wound dressings
  • Pain free, colourless and odour absorbent with excelent tolerability
  • Alcohol-free, containing Octenidine as preservative, capable of inactivating pathogens in the gel to build a protective barrier against penetrating germs


Packing size

  • Pack of 20 ml
  • Pack of 250 ml

Technical files