Project Description

Octenisan® Anti-MRSA Set Kit

Octenisan® Wash Lotion & Octenisan® md Nasal Gel for full MRSA decontamination protocol + preoperative decontamination of skin, hair and nasal vestibules

The advantages

  • Octenisan®  Aantimicrobial Wash Lotion und octenisan® md Nasal Gel for full MRSA Decontamination protocol and preoperative decontamination in a convenient set
  • For use from up to 5 days before the operation
  • Provides security: comprehensive patient information for safe use of the product and to increase compliance
  • Builds confidence: for the patient to have the feeling of being in the best hands

Packing size

  • Set Kit composed of:
    • Pack of Octesina® Antimicrobial Wash Lotion of 150 ml
    • Pack of Octenisan® Nasal Gel of 5 ml

Technical files